Saturday, July 6, 2013

Birds of a Feather

For the past few days we have noticed a pair of hummingbirds that visit our bottle brush trees in the evening.  We finally were able to sit in the chairs outside and snap a few shots. 


IMG_8134 copy

IMG_8006 copy

IMG_8152 copy


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jacksonville Bridge

This is a photo of the bridge on the 9A bypass around the East side of Jacksonville, Fl. The lines are mesmerizing. 


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Photoshop World 2011 Orlando, ReCap!

WOW! I always have to recover after Photoshop World. The lack of sleep and too much photoshop knowledge in my brain wears me out! It was great this year to get to go with two other friends. This year I became a 4+ Alumni with Benefits! I got a free Pro Pass, which allowed you upfront seating. I recommend buying it to guarantee front row seats! The PSW Keynote this year was based on the TV show Project Runway, except it was called Project Photoshop. The role of Heidi Klum was portrayed by Julieanne Kost as Heidi Clone. It was great as always of course Scott Kelby had to win the challenge! The rest of the conference was superb and the ending Keynote had us all in tears from the great Dave Black. He was so proud that his Photography teacher saw his potential and pushed him. He remembers it like it was yesterday and got all choked up during his speech, which had thousands of people in tears!

Here are a few shots from the conference, some taken with my iPhone and Canon Point and Shoot.

Wed Night Tweet Up at the Rosen Centre Pool! Included a LIVE taping of D-Town TVm hosted by Larry Becker and RC Concepcion.
LIVE Taping of D-Town TV

D-Town TV Tapeing!

PSW Tweet UP!

Ending keynote #psw

Opening Keynote!
Opening Keynote PSW 2011

Keynote PSW 2011

Keynote PSW 2011

Scott Kelby!
Scott Kelby @skphoto #psw

Katrin Eismann! She is so witty!
Katrin Eismann #psw 2011

RC Concepcion
RC Concepcion at #psw @aboutrc

Terry White the Gadget Guru!!!
Terry White!!! #psw

Expo Entrance
Photoshop world 2011 Orlando

Dave Cross the Wild Canadian!
The Canadian himself Dave Cross #psw

Shots from Joe McNally's Lighting Class. We had a Justin Bieber look a like!
Joe McNally's Lighting Class

Joe McNally's Lighting Class

Project Photoshop

Ending Keynote :-(
Ending Keynote PSW

All, my badges!
Badges ans such

The huge audience that cried!
Ending Keynote Audience

Bert Monroy's Times Square Image.
Bert Monroy's Times Square

Westcott Booth Studio Demo.
Studio Demo

LIVE Taping of Photoshop User TV
LIVE taping of Photoshop User TV

RC Concepcion and Myself!
RC and I

I highly recommend Photoshop World to everyone!!! Also, become a NAPP member you can click the side bar to the left to join!


Friday, March 25, 2011

Check out Mustang Magazine!!

Whoopie! My photos are going to be run in a Diagnostic Detectives article in Mustang Magazine. It's about the case of the Blacked Out Tail Lights on Vintage Mustangs. The article is on pages 86-89, in an upcoming issue. If you have a Vintage Mustang you really need to subscribe to this great magazine. You can't find it on the store shelves. It is a subscription only magazine! Once, the magazine is published I'll let you all know! :-)


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Free Expo Pass for Photoshop World, Orlando, Fl 2011

Can't afford Photoshop World? Well at least you can attend the Expo if you are in the Central Florida area. Visit the link here to get your FREE Expo pass for Thurs & Fri (the only days it is open to the public). There you can purchase new equipment, bags, software and more! Also, check out the mini classes going around at all the booths! You never know you may run into the Photoshop Guys!!!!!!!!!

You can also still register for Photoshop World! It's not too late! Click here!

See you there!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Photoshop World 2011 - Orlando is coming!!!!!

I love that the National Association of Photoshop Professionals has decided to keep Photoshop World in Orlando for the East Coast!! Even though I would love to visit Boston again, but just can't afford it! Though, I can afford Orlando, drive back and forth, wake up early, get to bed late. I can't wait! Hopefully, this year I will have a small group of people to hang out with!

Head on over to for more details.

Monday, August 30, 2010

World Wide Photo Walk 2010

Milk Jug_1w
Originally uploaded by girlracerphoto
A photo from the Scott Kelby World Wide Photo Walk 2010 in Deland, Fl